deflower_me (deflower_me) wrote in bicurious_adult,


Age: 18
Location: los angeles, california [specifically UCLA]
Bi, curious, gay, or lesbian: curious, i guess

just some history...
i'm jenn, i'm a freshman at ucla. i've recently started thinking about other women. it's strange, though, because i download all of this porn with lesbians and dildos and such, but i've only found one or two women that i actually know to be attractive. i've had these intense dreams about me having all of this lesbian sex with a girl in my biochemistry class, but i barely know who she is. what makes this whole thing complicated is that i've had a boyfriend for over a year now, and we're incredibly in love. lately, i've been confused about our relationship, and i hope things get sorted out soon. he's extremely caring, and doesn't mind if i experiment with other women. i am, however, paranoid about STDs and such, which makes this whole thing a bit more difficult. i need somebody to talk to about my curiousity. please please be female.
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