deflower_me (deflower_me) wrote in bicurious_adult,

i've been lurking for a while, so here's an introduction

i'm jenn
Age: 19
Location: los angeles, california
Bi, curious, gay, or lesbian: bicurious

i'm on the brink of finishing my first year at UCLA. at the start of the school year, you could have considered me straight as an arrow, no bisexual thoughts or tendencies whatsoever. as the year progressed, i became more and more aware that women in porn were arousing. the strange thing is that i have been with the same guy for almost two years. we're in love, and i wouldn't change anything about our relationship. that said, he's completely open-minded to me experimenting. i am, however, having a difficult time finding people that i trust who are in the same situation.

i feel pretty confident about my feelings. i was so confused for a few months but things seem to have settled down. i kept wondering whether it was just a phase but i no longer think it is.

i need friends to talk to who are in the same situation as i am. my friends are understanding people, but i suppose it's hard to understand something you haven't experienced. it would be amazing if someone were free to talk on AIM or MSN messenger. any takers?
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