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i'm a 29 year old mother of 2, fiancee to one. i am deeply in love with my boyfriend...but am strongly attracted to two boss and my good friend (both are lesbian or bi)

and i'm stuck.

and i'm trying to be annonymous as possible on here so you may call me Pam.
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I can relate...wanna chat?
I can so relate it's not funny. I'm a mother of one, divorced and now getting married next year. I love my boyfriend, lust for women is stronger at times.

want to catch up sometime?
Hi Pam,

I came across your journal entry and thought you might be interested in
participating in our documentary. We are working with several groups
that provide a safe environment for couples in which the woman is
bicurious/bisexual. Please see below for more information.

Hope to hear from you.



Award-winning production company is looking for a bi-curious “straight”
woman, who is willing to share her feelings/experiences on camera for a
television documentary. The doc is an honest, respectful exploration of
women’s sexuality, specifically those of women who have primarily lived
their lives as heterosexuals, but are interested in exploring same sex
experiences. You may be married, single or in a long-term relationship
with a man, a business professional or a homemaker, have had minor
dalliances with women or have only fantasized about a same-sex
experience. We are working with several groups and individuals that
help women explore their same-sex desires. So, if you’d like to pursue
these fantasies more, and might be willing to have this exploration
filmed, please contact us @

Please tell us a little about yourself and your
“bi-feelings/experiences” in your email. Until you sign on to
participate in the documentary, your confidentiality is guaranteed.