staticharge (staticharge) wrote in bicurious_adult,


Hiya folks, another newbie among the ranks. I'm a 26 year old fellow, and I guess I've considered myself bi-curious for about 6 years or so now, yet never taken it anywhere in the real world. I prefer women and relationships with women, but thoughts of doing certain things with guys certainly get me going. Guys that are more feminine I guess are what appeal to me most, but there's always exceptions to the rule. I've never come out and told anyone of my interests, mostly because I'm pretty sure my friends would all shit their pants at the idea and act all uncomfortable, and since I really have no interest in any of them in that way, it's prolly not worth the trouble it'd cause to mention it. Besides, I still consider myself "curious", and am unsure as of yet whether I'd ever act on it anyways. But I thought I'd join up and say hey, and maybe meet some like-minded folks.
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